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Innova trading services Supply manpower for logistic

We Make loading/unloading Fast & Easy

We use a very methodical approach for packing, unpacking, and re-stuffing to ensure that we mitigate the risk of any damage happening to goods.

 Supply manpower

To load/ unload cargo at client warehouses or cargo merchandise.
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Job Vacancy

Jobs At Your Fingertips. Loading/unloading Job Opportunities in Singapore.

ABOUT Innova Supply manpower for logistic

Logistic Solutions

Innova Trading Services is a third-party logistics company with a reputation for efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. We’re always hiring new qualified logistic professionals, so if you’re looking for staffing, warehousing, distribution centre staff, or any other logistics talent, we’re the team for you. We support Logistics companies or direct clients with cargo to import or export. It can be a supplier of dry food, frozen food, oil, salt, flour, coffee beans, clothing, car parts, or hardware.

Our Logistic Staffs

We are a leading Singapore provider of logistics and handling goods, warehousing, loading, unloading, and supply chain solutions.
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Stuffing / Unstuffing

We supply quality experience human resources to load/ unload cargo and trucks at client warehouses.
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Delivery assistants

Want to hire a temporary aid or Replace an ill or absent worker as soon as possible Thanks to our workers
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Truck Drivers

Our extensive network of dedicated employees across Singapore can help move your truck fleet as you need.
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Forklift drivers

Mature and responsible Forklift driver staffs needed well form that are Able to work Day and Night shifts
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Warehouse staffing

Growing your company, but you quickly need staff for warehouse and logistics. We can provide you competent and reliable candidate quickly.
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Packing, Unpacking

Packing is a specific skill. We recommend that you leave it to our professional staff. Our packing and moving service can save you time and money.

Why Our Customers Choose Us!

We have solid experience that allows us to know the strengths and weaknesses of each packaging and goods. We help optimize the supply chain of all our partners.

20 year of experience

The company is led by a team of highly dedicated and professional workers with 20 years’ combined experience.

Trained Team

Our staff can take their own decision base on your terms and instruction guided by an extensive experience on the field.

Fast Response

We deliver amazing customer experiences by providing instant replies and simple ways of reach our support

Here to Help

We are a resourceful company that is always ready to help and provide an ingenious option or solution


You can count on us. We help you reduce your workload and stress to perform better and put your resources when they matter.


We guarantee​​ that our logistic staffing service will satisfy all your needs and fulfil all their tasks professionally and honestly.
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Staying ahead of the COVID-19 situation

INNOVA Trading & Services Pte Ltd was established in 2020. We found this company during the COVID-19 pandemic, believing crisis gives rise to opportunity. We are dedicated and professional workers with 20 years of experience

We pledge to be a highly efficient and proficient service provider and believe in upholding customer service excellence at all times.
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

What Our Customers Are Saying

The success and expansion of Innova Trading & Service are mainly dependent on our satisfied customers.

Check out the many excellent reviews left by our clients here.
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

We appreciate your ongoing support throughout the year. It has been a challenging year and will continue to be complicated. We value your team very much. The supply chain industry lacks a rare jewel like its quick and courteous service. Please accept our gratitude.

John A.

Founder - Food Supply

Logistix News

what is logistics solutions

What is logistics solutions?

Logistics solutions automate the fulfillment process to save time, decrease errors, and speed up procedures. Logistics is vital to trading products and services for money.