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Part Time / Temporary

Short-term assignment that can last from a few weeks to a few months.
Contractual is based on a period or a timeframe, Some can become permanent.

Permanent Placement

Long-term positions for candidates who are looking for life-changing opportunities.
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Stuffing / Unstuffing

innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Delivery assistants

Truck Drivers

innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Forklift drivers

innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Warehouse staffing

innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Packing, Unpacking



We all dream about the future if we wish to be doctors, famous athletes, or even astronauts. But the logistics sector is one area that people often ignore. People usually only think of truck drivers when they hear the word "logistics," so they don't think of logistics as a possible career path. Truck drivers are just one part of this business.

Logistics is one of the most critical fields in the whole world. How well the logistics business is doing affects everything. Logistics involves getting things like the new phone to stores, food on shelves, and Shopee orders from the warehouse to your front door.  The more we are global, the more we need good logistic infrastructure to get things done right.

Fast sector growth

Logistics employment is growing, and analysts expect the trend to continue.

Good salary

Managers can earn $70,000 per year, and salary men can earn up to $20 per hour.

Job opportunities

A fast-growing sector that many overlooks. There are lots of opportunities to progress quickly.

Top-rated sector

Logisticians ranked sixth in World Report's Best Business Professions; most were happy with their jobs.

Workplace variety

Your regular workplace could be an office, factory floor, or delivery centre. Opportunities exist internationally.

Self made career

Logistics requires a specific intelligence and mindset; therefore, companies want abilities and experience over only a diploma

Our workers talking

Our people are incredibly happy and we make sure to thank them every day, making our world keep turning.

Thanks, Innova, for always connecting excellent employers with great employees. I love my current place of work and my team. Thanks for the consistency and care you show as the middleman. My concerns have gone away, leading to a beautiful hiring experience. Thanks, Innova and thanks, Wendy Lim, for being awesome

Rashek H.

Logistic manager
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