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Are you looking for a new logistics assistant jobs?

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With us Hiring logistic staff only takes a few minutes!

This is where people make their careers. We are change agents, bringing positive changes to our customers' career and employment needs at the right time, in the right location, and with the proper people. With us, no need to worry about your logistic management anymore.


Talent Acquisition at INNOVA

Get access to a wide range of delivery, warehousing, and handling goods worker in Singapore. Search & find logistics and delivery staff.

Part Time / Temporary

Short-term assignment that can last from a few weeks to a few months.
Contractual is based on a period or a timeframe, Some can become permanent.

Permanent Placement

Long-term positions workers for a company looking to fill permanent vital vacancies.
innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Stuffing / Unstuffing

innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Delivery assistants

Truck Drivers

innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Forklift drivers

innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Warehouse staffing

innova trading services supply manpower logistic Singapore

Packing, Unpacking


WHY YOU SHOULD using Innova for your Staffing needs

Launch Your Stress-Free Logistics Staff Hiring in Singapore. Our People Set up New Careers with our help. We create dreams in a way. We help our applicants advance their careers and meet our customers' employment needs at the perfect time and location with the most qualified prospects.

We offer logistic staff services for businesses in Singapore. We help people looking for jobs and companies that want to hire good people in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain fields. At every step of our process, we put people first by empathizing with them, reaching out to them personally, and getting rid of the layers of unnecessary information between talent and employers to find the best match for both sides


We can pack and unpack cargo containers of any kind. From conventional to refrigerated containers

We keep our Client schedules

Our number 1 goal is the safety and security of cargo, goods and all our staff and personal.

Excellence and efficiency

We develop our own optimised handling techniques for all cargos to always be at the top of our art.

Reliable & trustworthy

Our staff and workflow thrive to keep the cargo safe and get it to its destination on time.

To your Workplace

Your regular workplace could be an office, factory floor, or delivery centre. We go where client need us.

No Hidden Cost

We only charge for the services you need, without any extra. No bad surprises added fees guarantee.

Our Recruters talking

We cultivate good relationships by listening to what clients need and addressing all the pain points quickly.

Before, shipments were sometimes late and sometimes damaged. But we didn’t have a damage claim for more than six months after we started working with Innova. We get deliveries on time, and Innnova cut the damage down from 15% or more to less than 1%.

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