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About Us

ABOUT Innova

Logistic Solutions

We assist Logistics companies and corporations in carrying goods from their facilities to the client or receiving or sending items to transport overseas like ports or airports. We manage, advise and supervise all materials and good transportation. Supply workforce to load/ unload cargo at client warehouses. Supply staffing for delivery assistants and forklift drivers too. Years of industry experience have allowed us to grasp the optimal way of shipments and implement the safest yet most cost-effective method of protecting them inside containers.


How We Work

We work as an extension of our customer’s business team, ensuring peace of mind shipments arrive as expected.

Our in-depth market knowledge and relationships across the shipping industry enable us to identify our customer’s needs and fit them and arrange safe procedures to get the work done the best way.

Working at Logistix
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With Logistic Experts

At Innova, we believe in the strength of the community and how important it is to stay united. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to innovate and do what we do best.

Wendy Lim

Co-Founder of Innova
Critical thinker and problem solver with 5+ years of experience in logistics, bringing accuracy and quality to warehouse operations. She's a Certified Supply Chain Professional with an excellent HR background and great communication and customer service skills.
innova founder

Alan K.

Co-Founder of Innova
Dedicated logistic manager with 11 years of experience. Familiar with leading the shipping department of a corporation and managing many employees. Focus on professional communication in all management aspects when interacting with employees, other businesses, and clients.